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2.4 hindu arabic numbers up to 7-digits44 HINDU ARABIC NUMBERS UP TO 7-DIGITS44

2.4..1 concept of numbers CONCEPT OF NUMBERS

2.4..2 revision (six digit number)REVISION (SIX DIGIT NUMBER)

2.4..3 numbers within seven digitsNUMBERS WITHIN SEVEN DIGITS

2.4..4 place value tablePLACE VALUE TABLE

2.4..5 expanded form and short form of a numberEXPANDED FORM AND SHORT FORM OF A NUMBER

2.4..6 comparison of numbersCOMPARISON OF NUMBERS

2.4..7 सात अङ्कका देवनागरी सङ्ख्याहरूसात अङ्कका देवनागरी सङ्ख्याहरू

2.5 rounding offROUNDING OFF

2.5..1 rounding off numbersROUNDING OFF NUMBERS

2.6 addition and subtraction up to 5-digit 78ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION UP TO 5-DIGIT 78

2.6..1 concept of addition (review)CONCEPT OF ADDITION (REVIEW)

2.6..2 concept of subtraction (review) CONCEPT OF SUBTRACTION (REVIEW)

2.6..3 introduction to addition & subtractionINTRODUCTION TO ADDITION & SUBTRACTION

2.6..4 subtraction of 5 digit numbersSUBTRACTION OF 5 DIGIT NUMBERS

2.6..5 addition or subtraction practiceADDITION OR SUBTRACTION PRACTICE

2.6..6 word problems on subtractionWORD PROBLEMS ON SUBTRACTION

2.6..7 new methods of addition and subtractionNEW METHODS OF ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION

2.7 multiplication and divisionMULTIPLICATION AND DIVISION

2.7..1 concept of multiplication - iCONCEPT OF MULTIPLICATION - I

2.7..2 concept of multiplication - iiCONCEPT OF MULTIPLICATION - II

2.7..3 concept of multiplication - iiiCONCEPT OF MULTIPLICATION - III

2.7..4 concept of multiplication - iv CONCEPT OF MULTIPLICATION - IV

2.7..5 concept of multiplication - v CONCEPT OF MULTIPLICATION - V

2.7..5 lattice multiplication two digits by 1 digit LATTICE MULTIPLICATION TWO DIGITS BY 1 DIGIT

2.7..6 lattice multiplication 2-digits by 2-digitsLATTICE MULTIPLICATION 2-DIGITS BY 2-DIGITS

2.7..7 lattice multiplication 3-digits by 1-digitLATTICE MULTIPLICATION 3-DIGITS BY 1-DIGIT

2.7..8 lattice multiplication 3-digits by 2-digits LATTICE MULTIPLICATION 3-DIGITS BY 2-DIGITS

2.7..9 lattice multiplication 3-digits by 3-digitsLATTICE MULTIPLICATION 3-DIGITS BY 3-DIGITS

2.7..10 lattice multiplication 4-digits by 3-digitsLATTICE MULTIPLICATION 4-DIGITS BY 3-DIGITS

2.7..11 multiplying 2, 3 and 4-digits by 1-digitMULTIPLYING 2, 3 AND 4-DIGITS BY 1-DIGIT

2.7..12 multiplying 2, 3 and 4-digits by 2-digitsMULTIPLYING 2, 3 AND 4-DIGITS BY 2-DIGITS

2.7..13 multiplying 3 and 4-digits by 3-digitsMULTIPLYING 3 AND 4-DIGITS BY 3-DIGITS

2.7..14 word problems on multiplicationWORD PROBLEMS ON MULTIPLICATION

2.7..15 dividing 2, 3 and 4-digits by 1-digitDIVIDING 2, 3 AND 4-DIGITS BY 1-DIGIT

2.7..16 dividing 2 and 3-digits by 2-digitsDIVIDING 2 AND 3-DIGITS BY 2-DIGITS

2.7..17 dividing 4 and 5-digits by 2-digitsDIVIDING 4 AND 5-DIGITS BY 2-DIGITS

2.7..18 word problems on division WORD PROBLEMS ON DIVISION

2.8 miscellaneousMISCELLANEOUS

2.8..1 addition and subtraction togetherADDITION AND SUBTRACTION TOGETHER

2.8..2 word problems on addition and subtractionWORD PROBLEMS ON ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION

2.8..3 simplification based on addition & subtractionSIMPLIFICATION BASED ON ADDITION & SUBTRACTION

2.9 fraction, decimal and percentage FRACTION, DECIMAL AND PERCENTAGE

2.9..1 review of fractions REVIEW OF FRACTIONS

2.9..2 comparison of fractions having equal denominatorCOMPARISON OF FRACTIONS HAVING EQUAL DENOMINATOR

2.9..3 proper, improper and mixed numberPROPER, IMPROPER AND MIXED NUMBER

2.9..4 addition of like fractionsADDITION OF LIKE FRACTIONS

2.9..5 subtraction of like fractionsSUBTRACTION OF LIKE FRACTIONS

2.9..6 introduction to decimalINTRODUCTION TO DECIMAL

2.9..7 comparing and ordering decimalsCOMPARING AND ORDERING DECIMALS

2.9..8 adding decimalsADDING DECIMALS

2.9..9 subtracting decimalsSUBTRACTING DECIMALS

2.9..10 introduction to percentINTRODUCTION TO PERCENT

2.9..11 expressing fractions as percentageEXPRESSING FRACTIONS AS PERCENTAGE

2.9..12 percent to fraction and fraction to percentPERCENT TO FRACTION AND FRACTION TO PERCENT

2.9..13 percent to decimal and decimal to percentPERCENT TO DECIMAL AND DECIMAL TO PERCENT

2.9..14 relating percents, decimals and fractionsRELATING PERCENTS, DECIMALS AND FRACTIONS

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